Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Can Stop Searching....!

Total Mangoes Eaten: 9
Total Mosquito Bites: 19
Total Showers Missed: 1

As I have whined about in a previous post, the internet in Ghana can drive you bonkers. Connections are difficult to find and once connected, it is usually slow. But, now that I've moved into the Clinical Students Hostel in Kumasi, I've fixed at least one of the two problems...I have a consistent connection.

So, you can finally stop searching the blog and facebook for pictures. Slowly, but surely, my pictures and videos are are finally uploading onto Picasa. I've placed a link on the right menu, so that y'all can check every so often for newly uploaded pictures.

Now that I have less than a month left in Ghana, I need to tap deep into my Asian roots and take tons of pictures since I've only taken just over 1000. Unlike most places I have visited, taking pictures in Ghana is difficult. Especially taking pictures of ordinary people doing ordinary things because in Ghana they will yell at you for taking pictures. The Ghanaian medical students have told me it is because the general population has become extremely angry about the bad press Ghana and Africa as a whole receives in the media. They are sick and tired of being portrayed as poor, underdeveloped, lacking resources, or even strange. So, I usually have to take pictures on sly, which is never easy to do since obruni's stick out so easily here.

As a disclaimer, my pictures are personal pictures that serve to document my experiences in Ghana including everything from resource poor environments to wealthy oozing with bling situations. Enjoy!

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