Thursday, June 10, 2010

Need a Crash Course in The World Cup

I was never a successful soccer athlete since I have difficulties in resisting the urge to touch the ball with my hands, but I completely acknowledge that soccer/football is an amazing sport! I don't understand how such a fast paced and energetic sport could be second to a sport like American football. But, because I don't actively seek soccer exposure, I'm a little in the dark when it comes to the World Cup. Here's what I know (courtesy of the SuperSports TV Channel in Ghana that is playing World Cup news 24/7):

  • It's like the NBA finals of soccer, but so much bigger because it's international. So, perhaps more like the Olympics just for soccer
  • You have to qualify to play in the World Cup
  • World Cup 2010 is hosted by South Africa and this is a HUGE deal for Africa
  • Ghana's team is called the Ghana Black Stars
  • Ghana Black Stars were the first African team to ever qualify to play in the World Cup
  • Brazil is kind of a powerhouse when it comes to soccer and I think they've won the most titles
  • The US has a lackluster soccer history
  • David Beckham is not playing for the US
  • Eyes are on Spain this year...why?
  • And I know that this is an AWESOME World Cup "trailer" made by Nike

So, how does the World Cup work? Do you play teams within your region and then progress to different levels from there? If you lose a game, are you out? Or is it best of X number of games? How are the teams to watch? Brazil? Italy? Spain? England? South Africa?

I thought I could make a trip down to South Africa to get in all of the excitement, but South Africa is actually way too far away from Ghana. The World Cup starts in just a few days! So, if y'all follow soccer at all...please help!

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