Friday, June 18, 2010


One of the things I love to see while traveling is the availability of different types of goods and products and how they are marketed. For example:
  • In China, KFC is HUGE and almost as popular and ubiquitous as McDonalds in the US.
  • MOS Burger is a Japanese burger chain that has a burger that replaces the standard hamburger bun with toasted rice patties that look like bread
  • Anything and everything uses sexy ladies in bathing suits in their advertisements in Peru from alcohol (expected) to printing/copying companies to public health notices (totally unexpected!)
On top of all of that, Engrish or spelling and grammar mistakes always provide a good laugh. Here are a few Ghanaian examples: Want to attend pre-university? DEBEST is clearly the best option. An energy drink sponsored by MTV's Staying Alive Foundation. Perhaps its placement near the Aphrodite drink is appropriate? Very unfortunate name for a milkshake type drink.

I think the beverage industry could most certainly use some marketing help!

Anyone else have funny examples to share?

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